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HR provides both consulting and management services to help employers of all sizes, manage their human resources function. (Talent and recruitment management; Employee performance evaluation; Payroll process management; Management of legal and administrative aspects; Digital HR & Administration; Disciplinary measures, Decision on pronouncement; Rules of the employment relationship and Employment rights)


Summary of our company’s services: Business Law: (Agreement establishment, Acts and Regulations, Authorizations, Decisions, Company Registration, Licenses, Internal Trade, Agency Privatization, Distribution, Customs Law.); Tax Law: (Advice on direct tax laws, corporate income sharing, indirect taxes, VAT.); Intellectual Property Rights: (Trademark Registration, Geographical Indicators.); Contracts: (Sale, License, Transportation, Deposit, Storage, Leasing, Franchising, Management, etc.); Judicial Representation: (Civil Procedure, Commercial, Administrative, and Enforcement.)



Our company aims to meet customer needs in the Marketing industry, both locally and internationally, regardless of their size. GetFive helps brands develop their marketing activities across various areas to help them achieve their business goals.

Services Offered:

Social Media Management & Design: Graphic design, social media management, brand presence enhancement, branding, logo design, motion graphics (2D and 3D), posters, GIFs, flyers, photography, promotions, campaigns, boosts, video editing, jingles.

Department’s Tasks: Developing and managing company strategies, organizing, managing, and coordinating social network operations, sales and marketing campaigns at the regional level, planning marketing campaigns, implementing ideas, suggesting promotional offers at specific locations, etc.



We support clients in improving their internal operations and performance, helping streamline processes for increased revenue growth and cost optimization. Our services include: Consultancy: (Business operations and strategy consulting.); Financial advice: (Optimization of finance functions and accounting processes.); Accounting: (Implementation of appropriate ICS for business, creation of accounting manual, recording transactions such as bank reconciliations, financial statements, financial reporting, cash flow, forecasting, sales and use tax returns, invoicing, inventory, payroll processing, etc.) Additionally, we provide tax and legal services.


The establishment of our company was designed to meet client needs of receiving services and consultancies related to sales and system development of companies in the Republic of Kosovo and abroad, for local and international businesses, other institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations.

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